Out of Elk Grove, California

18 April, 2014

Which WordPress commenting system do you use? Just switched to CommentLuv


My blog is just about 13 months old and from day one I’ve used the Disqus commenting system.  I literally picked Disqus out of a hat on the day I launched this blog. It’s a great commenting system and I have no complaints! But a couple of my fellow bloggers who I’ve made friends with over the past year have been bugging me to use CommentLuv plugin.  They swear up and down that it’s the best “comment” application for us bloggers. Here’s the quote from the CommentLuv page “This plugin will visit the site of the comment author while they type their …continue reading

Frank Sinatra the Kitten

Sinatra at approximately 6-7 weeks old

My beautiful 7-year-old son has been bugging me to write a small post on Frank Sinatra the cat…or what we like to call him…Sinatra. It was July 2012 and I was at work.  I remember it was a Saturday. My buddy Joe came to work with this tiny little kitten and told the story of how his (Sinatra’s) sibling was found crushed in the gutter near his home with the mother cat nowhere to be found. We put this little kitten in a cardboard box hoping that someone at our workplace would give this little one a home.  Yeah right… …continue reading

Why I Hate the Word Heartland


“Excited to feature a friend and future blogger.  So here is another angle…Thanks to Shyann Welsh.” Whenever I hear a politician or commentator reference the term “Heartland”, I wince.  I understand the origin and use of the word in describing the geographic region of the United States between the two oceans, however I also understand that for purposes of manipulation and branding, the term is used to designate endearing qualities and character to a segment of our society while underhandedly denigrating another.  I, by the way, live in that “other” region.  Worse still, I live in California (the wacked out, …continue reading

Who hosts your Blog and Why?


For the past month I have been pretty obsessed with the quickness in which my blog loads!  My past 5 or 6 posts have been nothing but how I have improved my site’s page load speed! I know that one big factor for your blog’s speed success is that of your hosting company.  I can only speak from one point of view on this topic because my only experience is that of Goddady.com. I’ve been using them since 2008 for one little website or another and have never had any issues. When I started this blog about a year ago, …continue reading

Is it Wicked fast? scottjonesblog page load speed improves

My fastest load time from pingdom.com

Blogging is much like a love/hate relationship.  There’s the very good and the very bad! One definition of “hate” in blogging is a slow loading website.  I HATE IT.  Especially when it’s my own website!  Nobody will hang around if your blog doesn’t load in a timely fashion…you know, like in a blink of an eye.  I mean…Cmon…do people really expect a web page to load in less than a second?  Unfortunately, THEY DO!  Don’t we just hate these kind of people? One definition of “love” in blogging is a wicked fast loading website!  A website that loads in a …continue reading

Quick Cache (Speed without Compromise) is Rocking my Blog

Wanting my blog to be as fast as a bullet ;)

For the past month I have been trying to find a caching plugin that would actually work with my blog. I tried all the “popular” plugins to no avail.  They all made my blog load slower and one even gave me the white screen of DEATH! A few days ago, I have finally found what I’ve been looking for! The name of the WordPress plugin is Quick Cache (Speed without Compromise) Install the plugin Activate the plugin Turn “on” the plugin Log out of your WordPress Dashboard Now go to your home page…or any page of your site to veryify …continue reading

2013 Disneyland Vacation

Adult Beverage

We try and go once a year during the summer.  Another great time was had by the Jones Family!  We started this tradition in 2002 and kind of have a routine when it comes to our Disneyland vacation. We live exactly 401 miles from the happiest place on earth.  When the kids were young my wife and I thought it would be a good idea to break up the drive to Disneyland into 2 days.  So we always drive to Bakersfield, CA, get a hotel…eat some dinner and do some swimming. Then we wake up the next day and leave …continue reading

Crazy about your sites loading speed


For the past 3 weeks I have been hyper focused on the download speed of my blog.  I’ve download, installed, tinkered with, uninstalled and deleted numerous cache plugins to accomplish this task!  Problem is that I haven’t been able to configure one to work properly on my site!  So basically, it feels like I’ve accomplished nothing!  Ha! I’ve read good things about W3 Total Cache, but I just can’t get the damn thing to work on my site.  In the past month, I’ve installed and deleted this plugin around 5 times…but just can’t get the right settings to make it …continue reading

Ever have a blogging panic attack!


When I visited my blog yesterday, all I could see was a white screen.  Ok, no problem, I’ll just reload.  Same…just a white screen!  What the holy heck is going on?!  How long has my blog been like this?  What is causing this?  Who’s dog can I kick?  Long pause….the day before I installed WP Super Cache Plugin…this must be the culprit. Now here’s where it gets interesting and I start to panic a little bit.  I go to he login screen…it’s also blank/white.  Crap…I reload and reload.  I’m fucked!  I can’t even log in to find out what’s wrong …continue reading

How fast does your Blog load? The Need for Speed!

Website speed test 1.81

How fast does your blog load?  Mine now loads anywhere from 2 to 6 seconds with an average just under 4. For the longest time my blog took anywhere from 10-30 seconds to load and that was with the W3 Total Cache plugin installed.  Being a newbie to the blogosphere with only 10 months in, I had read somewhere that W3 Total Cache worked out of the box.  I was wrong!  When it took up to 30 seconds for my home page to load i was just under the impression that this was normal…I almost switched hosting companies just so my blog …continue reading

Slowest loading website ever!


I haven’t done much blogging in the past 6 months, but nevertheless I have at the very least been logging on to my WordPress Dashboard every other day trying to improve my blog in other areas.  You know…widgets, plugins, updating all the posts I’ve written through “All in One SEO” plugin…stuff like that. The one thing I have never been satisfied with is the speed of which my blog loads!  At times, I could literally count to 10 before my homepage would load!!  During those “high traffic” times I would wait considerably longer.  Who in the hell would even want …continue reading

Ben Jones Kendama Unboxing 2012 Zach Yourd Pro Model

So just a few shorts months ago, my then 6-year-old son Ben bought his first Kendama.  Before then, I had never heard of the word Kendama and now just a few months later, he has 5 “kens”.  OMG…he is totally infatuated with these things!  It’s a good thing though…it teaches him some good hand/eye coordination! Well for all you parents dealing with this…here is our unboxing video…Enjoy!  

I’m bored with Blogging?

I was hard at it for the first 4 months of my new blog.  From August through December 2012 I was working on my blog daily for at least 1-2 hours!  Then for the last 3 months, nothing….I guess I hit the proverbial wall.  Nothing was inspiring me.  I couldn’t think of anything to inspire myself.  I have nothing inspiring to write about!  What the hell is going on? 57 posts I have written and I really don’t like any of them!  It’s not me.  Time to take a new direction I guess.  We’ll see what comes up in the …continue reading

My 2012 Blog Statistics – Powerful Information

With 2013 upon us I thought it would be cool to have a look at my 2012 blog stats!  I starting blogging on August 22,2012…only 18 short weeks ago and have accumulated some interesting stats.  I know there are a handful of you who started at same time I did so now you can compare mine to yours.  I use 2 sources.  My “JetPack” stats…which is a WordPress plugin that was made available to me from day 1 and Google Analytics which I installed on September 18 of last year…26 days after my blog launch. But first, let’s have a …continue reading

Writing a Novel

My goal starting the first day of 2013 is to write my first novel!  It’s just one of those things I need to do before I die!  I have already outlined most of the chapters in my little black notebook.  The time has come for me to fully layout its diagram and get started. I read somewhere that a professional writer can write about 1000 words per hour when there on a roll and complete a 94,000 word novel in just a month!  I’m not that ambitious yet.  I was thinking about a 50-60 thousand word novel in 365 days …continue reading

Is your Blog Mobile Friendly? I Think Mine Finally is!

For the past month I have tried several “mobile” WordPress plugins to make my website mobile but have had no luck! First I tried WPtouch.  It worked for about a day and that’s it!  DEACTIVATED. Then the JetPack mobile plugin.  Same…only worked for a day!   DEACTIVATED. Then I tried WP Mobile Detector.  Worked intermittently.  F*(K!   By then I had almost given up trying to find a WordPress mobile plugin that was compatible with my site.  So frustrating putting all these hours into your blog and not have something work the way you want it!!! So what did I do?  I …continue reading

The Roku 2 XD

This is something I had wanted for the past year but just never got around to it until last Friday night. Buying a Roku for my bedroom t.v. for some good old fashion Netflix viewing! I purchased the Roku 2 XD at my local Best Buy for $69.99 plus tax.  Best Buy was having a $10 off sale.  From what I understand, there are 4 levels of Roku with level 1 being the base model and level 4 being the best. I bought level 3 which gives you 1080 HD video output through your HMDI cable to your t.v. My …continue reading

WordPress application for Galaxy Samsung 3

I downloaded the WordPress application shortly after I purchased my Galaxy Samsung 3 just to see if it was worth having. This was about 3 weeks ago and at first glance I wasn’t too impressed. I just couldn’t see myself blogging from my smart phone…too tedious and hard on the eyes. I mean it is so much easier from your laptop or desktop. Well, I didn’t want to be that guy who was too closed-minded to try something new, so here I am writing my first post from my smart phone! This is your home screen and as you can …continue reading

Too Busy To Blog – Oh Well

With the Holidays upon us I have been both very busy at work and at home!  I haven’t had much time to do any blogging!  My next post will involve how to add another domain to your “godaddy” hosting account.  So stay tuned! My wife and I just finished a little Christmas shopping and now we are all just doing a little relaxing at home with the kids. Last night I treated myself to a few new gadgets.  A new linksys router and a Roku 2 XD.  Fun Stuff!  Just in case I can’t get another post out this month…Merry …continue reading

Best WordPress Mobile Plugin?

Almost 4 months now as a new blogger or should I say clueless blogger?!?!  This past week I have been trying to find the right mobile plugin for my site!  I have used both the mobile JetPack plugin and the WPtouch plugin to no avail.  The problem with using these plugins on “my” site is that they turned my desktop computer into a mobile theme which of course I do not want and they only worked about 50 percent of the time on my mobile device…the Galaxy S 3.  I have since deactivated both plugins. Yesterday, I installed the WP Mobile …continue reading

The Clueless Blogger


That’s right!  For the past week I’ve felt like a clueless blogger.  My day job has been keeping me busy and I haven’t had a chance to even sit down and think what my next post would be.  I guess you could say I’m going through my first “what the hell am I going to write about” phase!  LOL  Not to fear though….I have been tweaking my site just a little bit, so here’s an update of what I’ve done over the past week. 1.  A Mobile Theme In my last post, I thought I had solved the mystery of …continue reading

Whoops! A Mobile Plugin for WordPress

So funny that it’s not even funny! My WordPress blog already had the Jetpack plugin installed which included a mobile WordPress plugin.  This type of plugin transforms your WordPress site into a mobile site.  I activated it and FORGOT about it. A week later I installed the mobile plugin for WordPress –  WPtouch.  I thought, OK,  everyone out there with a smart phone will be able to read my blog posts more easily now in mobile mode.  The only problem with that thinking was that I didn’t own a smart phone to check to see if the damn thing worked or …continue reading

How I Share and Promote my Blog on Social Media

I started this blog 85 days ago with no idea what I was going to write about!  I still don’t know what I want to write about and I think that’s okay.  OHHH the trail and tribulations of a rookie blogger, right?  Until I do figure out what my niche is, I thought I would show you what Social Media sites I use to promote and share my blog. These are my top 5. 1.  Facebook Well duh!  I know, this is a no brainer.  I share my posts to my personal and fan pages.  So far, I just share each …continue reading